Our training concepts

This program is designed to ensure that young athletes receive the best possible preparation for a successful career in handball. This includes the development of athletic skills, speed, conditioning, strength, muscle density, jumping power and agility.

In addition, we place great emphasis on injury prevention and promoting recovery to ensure that players remain fit and ready for action.

D-Youth (10-12)

The entry into competitive sport.

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C-Youth (12-14)

Position-related basic athletics.

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B-Youth (14-16)

Strengthening the main muscle groups.

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FuturePro Performance

Athletics for advanced athletes.

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Achievement of maximum athletic performance.

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FuturePro Handball performance program


A balanced and controlled diet can greatly improve the performance of a person, especially an athlete. We therefore offer 2 concepts which, if carefully implemented, ensure the following areas:


  • Physical & mental performance
  • Muscle development
  • Reduction of fatty tissue
  • Injury prevention work
  • Understanding of nutrients
  • Improved regeneration ability and sleep behavior

FuturePro Nutrition

General nutritional concept

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athlEATcoach Nutrition

Individual nutritional support

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FuturePro Handball performance program

Team Management Tool

Our team management tool consists of 3 components.

1) Would you like to analyze the athletic condition of your team and track its development?

2) Would you like to discuss and agree clearly defined goals with your athletes, document them and track them?

3) Would you like to evaluate the mood, motivation and team spirit of your team in training and after match days?

1) Team Athletics Dashboard

Would you like to optimize the individual athletic development of each athlete? Then our Team Athletics Dashboard is the solution you are looking for! This powerful tool provides you with a comprehensive overview of all the athletes’ athletic data and allows you to work specifically on your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Key features:

Performance assessment: each athlete undergoes an in-depth performance assessment process (scoring), which determines starting scores for the categories “jump”, “run”, “strength” and “agility”. This starting point forms the basis for the individual development of each athlete.

Performance development: The Handball Team Athletics Dashboard can continuously display the progress of each athlete in the categories mentioned. This allows you to track development over time and assess the effectiveness of your and our training program.

Color-coded overview: Athletes are displayed in the overview using intuitive color coding (red, yellow and green). These colors immediately indicate which players are strong and weak and in which athletic areas.

Trainer Dashboard

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1.1) Athletics dashboard – individual athlete

Trainer Dashboard

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Trainer Dashboard

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  • Targeted training planning: the dashboard allows the coach to perform customized training exercises and develop individual training concepts to address the specific needs of each athlete.
  • Performance-oriented coaching: The coach can target their resources and attention to the areas where the greatest improvement can be achieved.
  • Motivation of the athletes: By transparently displaying progress, athletes are motivated to work on their athletic performance and give their best.
  • Measuring success: The dashboard makes it possible to quantify the effectiveness of training programs and coaching sessions and increase the long-term success of your team.

Our Team Athletics Dashboard is an essential tool for any handball coach looking to take their team to the next level. Optimize your team’s performance, identify strengths and weaknesses and reach your athletic goals faster than ever before. Reach your starting scores today and start your journey to a stronger and more agile handball team!

2) Target agreement dashboard

Want to take your team’s performance and motivation to the next level? Goal Setting Dashboard is the perfect tool to set clear goals for the upcoming season and ensure that your athletes improve their athletic skills in a targeted manner. This dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all goal agreements between coaches and athletes, which can be closely linked to the scores listed in the Athletics Dashboard.

Trainer Dashboard


Goal setting for the upcoming season: With our dashboard, you can work with your athletes to set clear, measurable and achievable goals for the upcoming season. These goals can focus on different aspects of the game, from tactical skills to individual performance.

Link to Athletics Scores: The target agreements can be closely linked to the Athletics Scores that are recorded in the Athletics Dashboard. This allows you to set specific goals for each athlete’s athletic development based on their current abilities and desired progress.

  • Clear presentation: The dashboard provides a clear and easy-to-understand presentation of the target agreements for each athlete. You can track athletes’ progress towards their goals and make sure they are on track.
  • Performance analysis: The dashboard allows you to analyze the performance of your athletes in relation to their target agreements. You can see which athletes are exceeding their goals and which need additional support.
  • Transparency: The dashboard promotes transparency and open communication between coaches and athletes

Our Handball Team Goal Setting Dashboard is an essential tool for any handball coach who wants to get the best out of their team. Set clear goals, track progress and reach new heights together with your team. Get started today and lay the foundations for a successful season!

3) Players Engagement Dashboard

Is the commitment, mood and motivation of your athletes during training and after the games important to you? Do you want to make sure that every athlete gives their best and is fully dedicated to the team? Our Handball Player Commitment Dashboard gives you a deep insight into the mindset of your athletes to make sure the team is on the right track.

Trainer Dashboard


  • Recording athlete commitment: Our dashboard continuously records the commitment of each individual athlete in training and after the games. Factors such as commitment, motivation and team spirit are taken into account.
  • Color-coded display: Each athlete’s commitment is clearly displayed in red, yellow and green to provide instant insights:
    • Red: Athletes with low commitment who need additional support or motivation.
    • Yellow: Athletes with moderate commitment and potential for improvement.
    • Green: Athletes who show a high level of commitment and actively support the team

Our Handball Player Commitment Dashboard is an indispensable tool for any handball coach who wants to ensure that their team is not only athletically strong, but also mentally strong. Foster a strong commitment, increase motivation and lead your team to peak performance on the handball court. Start today and strengthen the bond and commitment of your athletes!