What does cooperation look like and what does player support mean to us?


The trial period

Every handball player we support at Elitehandball goes through a 6-month trial period, during which we evaluate whether a long-term partnership is possible to support them on their way to the top of the sport.


Our requirements:


What do you get along the way?

We firmly believe that an athlete can only become and remain successful if their playing qualities are flanked by various points.


This is what we offer you:



What is the goal?

The return on these efforts is reflected in attractive club offers, in injury-free seasons, in a mindful approach to one’s own body and ultimately in financial success.


The talent pool

The talent pool consists exclusively of members of the elite handball community who have successfully completed the probationary period and have proven that they are determined to achieve their goals.

Through a demanding selection process, only the most outstanding talents remain. This elite is now presented to the market through a “Players Report” and every club can be sure that the players on offer are among the best.

This report provides a detailed analysis of each candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, personality, athletic ability and performance development. The clubs have the opportunity to give feedback on whether a player from the talent pool is of interest to them or not.


Are you an active player and want to join the elite?

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